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Bumbu Bali - Best Restaurant tip

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20121030-181220.jpg The extravagant beauty and delights of Bali extends to its much-celebrated local cuisine. Discovering the tropical island paradise also requires the exploration of its traditional cooking by treating yourself to such delicacies as slow-roasted chickens and ducks in banana leaves; superbly fresh grilled seafood; tantalizing sates; soups from banana stems, green papayas and mushrooms; a large selection of vegetarian dishes; and an ever changing selection of Balinese cakes; black rice pudding; not forgetting the daily changing selection of tropical fruits found at the local markets. This are just some of the delectable creations, certain to even please the palates of Bali’s fabled Gods, that await the gastronomically curious visitor to the beloved Indonesian island. http://www.balifoods.com/

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