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Jean–Paul Gaultier Spring/Summer 2011 Haute Couture Paris

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In Paris Last night front row guests Catherine Deneuve & Pedro Almodovar attended Jean Paul Gaultier's French can -can / English rock & Roll inspired Spring/Summer Haute Couture show. Jean Paul Gaultier once again puts his signature under a successful show and the master showed critics why he became a fashion designer in the first place. Let the volume of the clothes speak for themselves. Demet Karatas During the show: The only sounds to be heard in his cavernous showroom-turned-theatre (once the French communist party HQ), was the clip-clop of high heels on the PVC catwalk, and the calm, studied voice of the "announcer" who introduced each design by number, together with a detailed description of the silhouette and materials, in French, and then in English. The Telegraph

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