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Paris Haute Couture: Valentino spring/summer 2011

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[slideshow]Valentino's spring/summer 2011 Haute Couture Collection literally looks like it floated over the Catwalk like delicate pieces of flower. Dresses in Nude, beige and gold ready to take over and to silence peoples minds. Some might think this collection is a bit boring which wouldn’t surprise me as we are used to getting entertained. Less is more and I feel Valentino deeply otherwise I wouldn't blog about it. Valentino is not about shocking the audience. Its fragile, pure and feminine pieces of masterwork create a fairytale. It is timeless and everything is put together so well, even with the new creative directors I can recognize Valentino's signature very well. Hopefully they will carry on doing what they do best. Valentino is the pearl of the Catwalk.

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